“Ladies and gentleman there may be some rough air on tonight’s flight.”

I met a friend at Thanksgiving point farm today to go play with our children. While pulling in, I misjudged the width of the turn and rolled over what I assumed, was “just… Continue reading

How to become Flight Attendant

Just some quick and simple lessons I have learned from being the one everyone stares at on airplanes over the years: -If you don’t find yourself hilarious, no one else will.  Furthermore, even if… Continue reading

Why yes I DID eat that skittle. Off the airplane floor.

To my guys in 1A and 1D, thanks for being good sports. I knew you could take my sarcasm.  (Someone has to every ️Flight.). You really didn’t smell weird.  The seats next to… Continue reading

What would you like to drink?

This is why you fly right? To hear these words? It can’t be because you want the fastest most efficient way to get from point A to point B. Everyone knows the pilots… Continue reading

Walk like a Flight Attendant

I’m not sure if I became a flight attendant because I walk fast, or if I walk fast because I became a flight attendant.  I’m always in a hurry either way.  Granted this… Continue reading

How to train your Dolphin, with biscoff cookies.

Of course the first night I wear my dress uniform to work in at least 3 years the employee bus  WOULD break down.  I hobble off the bus in my high heels, and break… Continue reading

The View from the Top

The title? Oh ya that’s applicable for anything really.  You can be in an airplane looking down, at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris looking down, or on top of your… Continue reading

Pointy Red Shoes and Floppy hat. No, not a witch.

I sort of like pictures.  Those who know me might think I like them too much.  I’ve been accused of not “enjoying the moment”, while at the top of a tall mountain because… Continue reading

Karma: Part 2

A lady came rushing into my plane tonight mad that someone was in her seat and guess what? As I looked down at her boarding pass and informed her as that she was… Continue reading


image.jpgFor years I’ve watched people, (there’s at least one every other Flight), come racing into my plane last minute; get all situated only to discover they’ve unpacked their life onto the wrong plane. … Continue reading